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House with yard overgrowth, plus needing roof repair

Frequently Asked Questions

Still unsure and have some questions? No problem! Great, I love answering questions because that means people are engaged. It’s important that we are on the same page so we both know what we’re getting out of it. If you still have questions after reading the FAQ below, please reach out to us. Or scroll to the bottom to fill out our quick form.

Q:  Will you actually buy my property, or put it on the MLS?
A:  We are not real estate agents, our goal is to buy for ourselves. Our preference is to buy and hold it, but in certain circumstances, we may resell it.

Q:  Are your prices fair for the properties?
A:  Yes, we are quite transparent in our evaluation. We buy houses and mobile homes as-is, where-is. We do not ask the homeowner to make a single repair, cleaning, etc. It is true that if the homeowner elects to fix up the house, clean it, repaint it, etc., they may come out ahead and make more money. We encourage those with the money, time, and motivation to go for it. Oftentimes we advise homeowners what work they need to do in order to sell it to the general public, which generally prefers ready-to-move-in-properties. However, for those that would rather just take the cash today and move along, we offer a clear, clean, and transparent way for them to do so with our all-cash offers.

Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Selling my Fort Walton Beach, Fl home with Purple Egg Real Estate was a breeze. I thank the team at Purple Egg Real Estate for their professionalism, integrity, and pro-activeness. They helped me make informed decisions and did all the leg work, making sure I got the money that was promised when it was promised.

– – Chelsea H.

Q:  How will you determine what price to offer for the property?
A:  We start by understanding the recently completed sales in your neighborhood. We examine what condition they are in compared to yours, then determine what fixes/upgrades we need to make to match the local area. We will then calculate a buffer of around 10-15% in case something goes wrong such as we discover additional repairs that are needed.

Q:  Do you charge fees or commissions?
A: No, we are not real estate agents, we are purchasing for ourselves with no middlemen to increase everyone’s costs.

Q:  How are you different from a real estate agent?
A: Real estate agents are salesmen in that they try to find buyers for your property. For example, they will list the property on the MLS and seek someone else to buy your property, they will then get a commission, often at 6% of the total sales prices, that would otherwise go to the seller.

Q:  Is there any obligation when I send you my information?
A: No, and we’re pretty chill with no pressure. We only want your property if we can come to terms that we both clearly understand and agree to.

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