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Improvements to Make Before Selling Your Florida Panhandle Mobile Home

While you can make quite a few improvements in your mobile home, you may want to limit yourself to only the items listed below in order not to overspend. It’s entirely possible to spend more on an improvement that would not yield an even greater sales price, in fact, some improvements may not raise the sales price at all.

Given this, we’ve compiled the most significant changes that will increase the value of your mobile home, degree of comfort, as well as the energy-efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and functionality, to assist you to avoid home improvement projects that won’t pay off.

Major Improvement for your Mobile Home

In addition to the below, have a friend who hasn’t stepped into your mobile home in ages, if ever, read out first impressions as they walk through the home. These are the same things a buyer will see. Many may be minor such as door squeaks, but they can also point out things yu may not want to fix, but you’d be better prepared when a buyer asks about them.

Energy-Efficient Upgrades

Your mobile home’s value will rise if you replace its outdated windows and doors with new, more energy-efficient ones. In addition to improving the aesthetics of your mobile home, energy-efficient windows and doors will minimize air drafts, enabling you to regulate the temperature and lower the humidity in your home. As a result, you can significantly reduce the cost of your heating and cooling bills. In the Florida Panhandle, buyers will place a premium on this, and in addition to improving your own comfort, it should increase the home’s value in lock step with the expenses.

Skirting and Siding

Your home’s exterior can be significantly improved with new skirting and siding, which will also reduce your heating and cooling expenses. The skirting should be replaced with insulated skirting if it’s in poor condition. Insulated skirting can dramatically reduce moisture-related issues, remove updrafts, and save your pipes from freezing and possibly breaking in the winter because it can control the temperature under your mobile home far better than ordinary skirting.


Your living area will be more pleasant all year round and its resale value will rise if the walls, underside, and roof cavities are all insulated. If you bought a more recent model, chances are it’s already well-insulated, but as time goes on, as well as the possible intrusion of pests and animals, it may need a bit of refresh. You should consider this an annual check-up item.

Inexpensive Upgrades

While you can pay someone, if you do this yourself it would more than pay for itself. The first thing is painting, you should paint the interior with a light color, perhaps simply go with white. Next, there are plenty of inexpensive yet highly treasured flooring improvements using luxury vinyl flooring, commonly referred to as LVF. While it looks simple, LVF may be a bit tricky to install so I suggest watching a few youtube videos before trying it yourself.

Consider Less Expensive Upgrades

Mobile homes tend to depreciate after they’re acquired, as opposed to traditional homes which increase in value over long periods. Remodeling projects and repairs should focus on two things: improving the comfort of the mobile home and increasing its value to a buyer. So while you may be tempted to buy a really nice top-end item (e.g. really nice faucets), rethink that and stick with lower-cost and pragmatic purchases.

An Option If You Don’t Want to Spend Money and Time on Repairs

The tips listed above are great if you are hiring a real estate agent or attempting to sell the property on your own. There is however another way to sell your manufactured/mobile home, and that is direct to a Florida Panhandle investor, such as us at Purple Egg Real Estate. When you choose to sell your mobile home directly to us, you’ll be able to avoid repair costs, marketing costs, realtor fees, and the continued holding costs you will incur while you are waiting to find a buyer. Do the math, and you may be pleasantly surprised that selling to us saves you both time and money. Feel free to contact us before making any repairs.

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I want to express my sincere gratitude to the team at Purple Egg Real Estate. I have been flipping houses for over 2 decades and never have I ever dealt with professionals of such caliber. I have no doubt that these guys are going to transform the real estate industry in Florida for good.

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