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The Different Types of Home Improvement Contractors and How To Work with Them

A remodel in progress Through my own experiences and getting to know fellow real estate investors, I’ve come to classify contractors into three categories:   Assassins. Assassins are contractors that charge a very high premium. They seek out homeowners who don’t question the cost of a job and can easily pay twice to three times […]

About Hammock Bay in Freeport, Florida

Introduction I know a little something about Hammock Bay in Freeport, Florida because that’s where I live. It’s in Walton County. It’s a great community and I highly recommend it. We also have an onsite real estate agency where you can get more information. During our November 2022 HOA meeting, Jay Odom, the lead developer […]

Improvements to Make Before Selling Your Florida Panhandle Mobile Home

While you can make quite a few improvements in your mobile home, you may want to limit yourself to only the items listed below in order not to overspend. It’s entirely possible to spend more on an improvement that would not yield an even greater sales price, in fact, some improvements may not raise the […]

Mobile Homes: All about Mobile Homes

Due to their stronger construction and improved aesthetics, today, “Manufactured Houses” is a more accurate term to use when referring to Mobile Homes. Though per HUD guidelines, a factory-built home prior to June 15, 1976, is a mobile home, and one built after this date is a manufactured home. Many Mobile Home designs are similar […]

My Mobile Home Investment Journey

I started real estate investing while living in California. Just the standard single-family homes. I was never contacted about buying a mobile home. I expanded to Missouri where I had family, and while Missouri does have mobile homes (California does too, just not as many in my observation), I never ventured into purchasing them. However, […]

How Homesellers Can Maximize Their Profit in Lower Alabama

When you decide it’s time to sell your home in Lower Alabama, it’s important to know the required and optional expenses that will go along with it. The big picture is that you can expect to spend around 10% of your home’s sale price to sell your house quickly. Thankfully, you may find a way […]